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I've been obsessed with Roombas pretty much since the day they came out. I have hardly any time to clean. I own 2 cats. The fur just collects all over the place!

In February 2006 I bought a Roomba Scheduler to take on this task. I figured even if it just did a low level cleaning job, at least that would help with the visible issues. Right from the first day, we were quite impressed. I had pre-cleaned my office, but hadn't touched the main living room area. I most especially had not really vacuumed thoroughly under the futon in months, if not years.

Over the evening we watched as the Roomba easily sucked up MANY bins worth of fur. It was great watching it spin in circles over dirt spots, and roam around beneath the futon. It did a great job.

In the months since then, we are just thrilled to wake up every morning to a clean house. The scheduling option means the Roomba runs while we sleep, and is waiting in its charging bay for us when we come downstairs. All we do is shake out the dirt into the trash.

Roomba Scheduler

Day One of my Roomba Scheduler
Week One of my Roomba Scheduler
Three Months of my Roomba Scheduler

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