Comparison of Roomba Models

Strangely, when I first set up my site, Roomba didn't have any comparison chart on their site to compare and contrast the various models. They finally caught up to me a little while ago :)

The naming convention of Roombas is a bit odd so that you can't really tell which is better than which, unless you go on price alone.

Here's a list of the models and their features. Note that I'm not including the Original Roomba as it's not available any more. Note that you sometimes hear about "Roomba 2.1". Every Roomba on this chart is a Roomba 2.1 - that's just a term to separate these from the original Roomba and the Roomba Pro (which is also not sold any more).

ModelPriceChargeBinRechargeScheduleWhy Upgrade to This?
Roomba Dirt Dog$1297 hrssmmanualextrafor basements
Roomba Red$1507 hrssmmanualextrabase, cheapest model
Roomba Sage$2003 hrssmmanualextrabetter battery life
Roomba Discovery$2503 hrslgautoextralarger trash bin
Roomba Discovery SE$3003 hrslgautoextraCharges while hanging on the wall
Roomba Scheduler$3303 hrslgautoyesScheduling option is *great*

There are also "pet" versions of a few Roombas, which just add different brushes.

Roomba Scheduler
The Roomba Scheduler

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