Roomba Robot - Initial Version, 2002

Back in 2002, the world had no idea what was about to approach. The new product of the season was the Roomba robot, created by iRobot and released on the world for the Christmas 2002 season.

This little robot sold for about $200 from a number of companies. There was a lot of press about this little robot - but also a lot of doubt. How could a dinner-plate circle actually pick up dirt? How much could it hold before it got full? Would people really want to deal with this thing roaming around their home? How noisy was it?

The answer was shown pretty quickly, as Roombas sold by the thousands. Many were bought as gag gifts - but people found pretty quickly that the little tykes were pretty useful.

This base Roomba is no longer available for sale. That's just as well - because the newer models that are out have far more advanced features!

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