Roomba Discovery Robot - 2004

In 2004, the iRobot team created 2 new robots to take up the torch of the Roomba line. The Discovery robot was the high end version of the 2 cleaners. Pearl white in color, the cool improvement with the Discovery version is that it can self seek to return to its own home base. The home base puts out an infra red signal that the Roomba homes in on. It can launch, roam around to do the floor cleaning, then return back to base, all without any interaction.

The battery system went through an improvement as well. The system can now fully charge in only 3 hours. Note that this is a full 4 hours quicker than its younger sister, the Roomba Red.

One of the complaints with the original Roomba model was that it couldn't hold much dirt. The Discovery line tripled the amount of dirt held.

Released: July 2004
Price: $250
Charge Time: 3 hours

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