Feng Shui Color in Origami Cranes

Feng Shui is an ancient practice of color, object and location. Much of it has been developed over thousands of years, based on experience in common sense. For example, many feng shui entries discuss the placement of mirrors and windows. These are based on issues of safety and comfort - you wouldn't want a window right by a bed, where you could roll out or a thief could come in! Other experience with color has been bourne out by scientific studies - that humans innately equate some colors with certain emotions.

Remember, your own experiences with color may vary from these. If you grew up in a pink room, pink may bring happy emotions of comfort and love. But here are the standard Feng Shui meanings of the colors.

As you can see at Chinese New Year, red is the color of great luck and fortune. It brings money, success and protection from harm. In movies, it is the Lady in the Red Dress who gets the suitors.

Orange is the color of the shining sun, and it brings creativity. If you're an artist or someone in need of organization in your life, orange is the color to bring in.

Yellow stands for sunbeams and cheer. It brings friendship, caring and comfort. Many studies have shown that cheerfulness can help bring better health and longer life.

Green is the color of nature, of growing shoots and flowers. It is the color of health, balance, and growth.

Blue is found in the sky and sea, in the fast expanses of nature. This is the color of relaxation, of stress relief, of wisdom and patience.

In medieval days, purple was the color of kings and queens, of princes and princesses. Treat yourself like royalty and bring elegance and calm into your world.

Brown is the color of earth, of root vegetables. It is the color of stability, of home, of house, and of stability in business and enterprise.

You might think that black is a negative color, but actually it is an extremely strong color, like the black in obsidian and other strong stones. It is the color of career success, financial success and power. It also brings emotional security.

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