Origami Rose Dollar Bill Instructions
Step 4 - Folding the Petal

You need to do this part gently so the paper does not tear. Squash in the base of the petal, where the wire is, and twist the wire closed to form the stem for this petal. There's no real order to how you sqash it in, just mush it into a point. At first the paper might resist as it is stiff, but if you mush it up for a while it will soften up and form that point better.

As you do this, you want to 'shape' the petal. You want both parts of the petal to bend the same way, so that they form sort of a gentle cup. A way to imagine it is that the two petals are like your tongue, and the wire is at the base of your tongue (where it connects at the back of your throat). If you curled the tip of your tongue, the middle part of your tongue would form a cup. That is what you want with this petal - both halves forming a cup together.

The very first petal you make is going to be the "innermost" petal of the rose, and when you look at a rose, that one is usually very thin and very curled. So this first one should have the most curled edges of the bunch.

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