Origami Rose Dollar Bill Instructions
Step 5 - Forming the Rose

It gets a bit more tricky here because now you are working in three dimensions. Start with that first petal in the middle. Curl those edges in tightly so it forms that thin inner petal pair. Now, hold that first petal pair so you are looking straight down on it. Imagine that the top of the petals, the pair of curved curled edges, is like a smile. You are looking down at that smile. The second and third petal pairs are going to be on the SIDES of the smile. It would be like you put a pair of ( ) around the left and right side of the smile.

I show you a top-down view of this grouping of three petal sets in this photo. The next photo will show a top down view to help explain this. This is a hard thing to explain, as it is a three dimensional thing. But if you look at it from the top, and if I use the equals sign to represent that center first pair of petals, then what you are doing looks like this:

(( = ))

So the first petal pair is horizontal, and then the second and third are pressed against the left and right sides, both oriented vertically. Look at the next picture to understand this.

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