Origami Rose Dollar Bill Instructions

One of the most requested origami instructions on my site is the origami rose. The rose has been a symbol of love, loyalty, friendship and caring for thousands of years. Countless poems have been written about roses, and countless romances and friendships have blossomed with the help of these beautiful flowers. With an origami rose, you can create a present that will last a lifetime.

This pattern CAN be tricky and requires a lot of patience. But it is well worth it. If you want, I also offer completed roses for sale in my Origami Sales Area.

Supplies Needed
Five dollar bills or same sized pieces of paper
Thin floral / beading wire
Green floral tape

As this is a tricky pattern, I have put each step onto its own page and included a photo of each step, to help you really understand what is going on. This is in three dimensions, remember :)

Rose Step 1 - The Initial Fold

You can also watch the video version if you have a high speed connection:

Origami Instruction Listing

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