I have loved the Japanese culture since I was very young. I launched a newsletter on Feudal Japan for Mensa in 1987 and ran the group for 12 years, publishing newsletters every 2 months. I wrote articles on samurai, ninja, geisha, the tea ceremony, calligraphy, pottery, haiku, you name it. When the web came along, I found a much wider audience to reach with my material. Instead of creating a paper newsletter to go to a few hundred individuals, we now have thousands of people a month enjoying the content!

This site is updated weekly with new content, more movie listings, fresh restaurant reviews and much more. Enjoy!

Complete Japanese Movie List
Restaurant reviews in MA, RI, NH and NY
Japanese Culture Information
Music of Feudal Japan
Love and Romance in Feudal Japan ebook
Japanese Culture Book Reviews

Japanese Doll Photos
Japanese Netsuke Photos
Japanese Sake Bottle Photos
Japanese Sake Set Photos
Japanese Gift Giving Guide
Origami in Advertising
Custom Created Origami Cranes for Sale
Classic Traditional Origami Photos
Money Origami Photos
Traditional Origami Directions
Origami Book Reviews

Japanese Love Kanji

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