Origami Folding Instructions Video DVD

Origami Folding Instructions Video DVD Have you always wanted to learn how to fold origami? Would you like to make a bouquet of lily or iris for your loved one? How about crane ornaments for a Christmas tree? Decorate your walls with cat origami, or fill your windows with colorful butterflies. Origami is an inexpensive way to beautify every room of your home with color-matching works of art.

With my narrated instructional origami DVD, you can watch on your TV or computer as I lead you step by step through a collection of 28 different traditional origami shapes. This is over 2.5 hours of instruction! If you have struggled with book instructions, take heart. It is MUCH easier to watch the folds being done, and to hear spoken instructions for each step.

My DVD provides complete instructions for:

* origami balloons
* origami butterflies
* origami cards
* origami cats
* origami catamarans
* origami cranes
* origami cups
* origami doves
* origami dragons
* origami empresses
* origami fish
* origami lily and iris flowers
* origami helmets
* origami lover's knots
* origami stars
* origami swans
* origami tortoises
* origami window mobiles

In addition, learn how to fold money origami! These designs are perfect for providing beautiful wedding or graduation presents, birthday and holiday presents, and of course tips for waiters and servers! I help you learn how to fold:

* money origami bowties
* money origami butterflies
* money origami ducks
* money origami frogs
* money origami hearts
* money origami lotuses
* money origami rings
* money origami long stemmed roses
* money origami shirts

I found your video for making roses from dollar bills. I made a bouquet for the wedding of a dear friend. I must say I am "craft impaired", however it turned out adorable, if I do say so myself! It must have been your excellent directions! I wrapped it in cellophane and added baby's breath, fern leaves and an organza bow, so it would look the way roses do when they come from the florist. It was a big hit! Thanks for the awesome video!

Oh wow. This is just about the only helpful origami video I've found. I actually got it on the first try, whereas for the other videos...They're like...all over the place o_0 This was amazingly helpful, thank you very much.

This is the only origami lily video that I could understand. Thanks.

Thank you for not using complicated terms (i.e base fold, bird base. etc,) your video was VERY easy to follow thank you so much!

Excellent video. Very easy to follow. Too many origami videos from other people are worthless. This one is not. Thank you for the clear demonstration !!

YAY! The first origami thing ive made and i did it on my first go!! woohoo u r a great teacher!

Wow thanks for this video. I think this could help me with my future girlfriend ;)

Your instructions are very good and it is easy to do this iris. Thank you.

Lisa you are a marvel! You are seriously talented and your voice is so soothing hehe, you make origami more of a joy than it already is ^_^

Make your wedding or party an event to remember! Create bouquets for your dining room table that can change with the season! Give away origami as thank-you presents for people who brighten your day! Perfect for entertaining kids with on a rainy day or on a long car drive! There are 1,001 ways in which origami can make your world more peaceful and beautiful. I'm here to help!

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