The Terminator Review

The original Terminator movie became an instant classic action movie for Arnold Schwarzenegger, Linda Hamilton, and director James Cameron. With T3 coming out, here's a review of that original movie.

First, you have to remember that in 1984 when this first came out, the whole gritty future-view a la Blade Runner (1982) was just taking hold. Along comes Terminator which melds that future-is-bleak theme with modern day action, and throw a muscle-man and tender-turned-tough woman into the mix.

I am a HUGE fan of this movie for many, many reasons. You have Linda Hamilton as a normal, every day woman who resists what is going on - and in the end finds her strength to go on. That transformation is just amazing. You have the love story between her and the 'normal man' who is sent back in time to try to defend her. And of course you have the 'machine' - Arnold - who single-mindedly works to track her down and destroy her.

There are just so many touches in the movie that show the care that James Cameron put into the film, making it truly the 'baby' of him, Arnold and Linda. This isn't your average action movie where the high bodycount and infinite ammo are key. It is a movie with a lot of thought, with well laid out backgrounds and the time changes between the "current future" of 2029 and the "current present" of 1984 show great connections.

Linda Hamilton in this was always a huge role model to me and many of my friends. She wasn't special. She didn't have ninja training or robotic eyeballs. But she saw what had to be done, and she gathered her strength and did it.

A great movie in its own right, and a must-see for anyone interested in T3!

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