The Terminator Plot - Part 3 - The Chase

The players are all set, you know that the Terminator is a robot out to kill Sarah Connor. Now the chase really begins.

The Terminator Plot - Part 2 - The Meeting

One of the most 'deliberately aggravating' scenes in the movie follows next, where Dr. Silberman interrogates Reese. People who hate Dr. Silberman here will be treated to even more of his idiotic behavior in the next movie by the way :) Reese tries to explain that he's from the 132nd group, fighting a computer defense system built for SAC-NORAD by Cyberdyne systems. Dr. Silberman jokes about this being a "retroactive abortion". Why this elaborate scheme?

Reese explains that the defense grid had been smashed - that the humans had won. So killing Connor then would have made no difference. Skynet had to prevent him from every existing. At that point the humans found the time equipment and realized a terminator had been sent back in time - so Connor sent Reese back through too and then was going to destroy the equipment. Nobody goes back, nobody else comes through.

On the other side of town, Arnie is repairing himself in truly gruesome fashion. He puts on a pair of gargoyle glasses to hide his eye injury.

Sarah and the cops watch the taped story on a small tv. Reese explains that nothing dead can go through the story. Silberman, watching the tape, says it's a brilliant story because it can't be found to be false - but there's no way to prove the story. Reese finally has it with the stupid questions and starts yelling at the video camera that "He'll find her - that's what he does - that's all he does." Sarah asks again if he's crazy, and Silberman says he's a loon. The cops show her body armor and says that the bad guy was probably just wearing one. They ask Sarah to take a nap on the couch, that she's safe - they have 30 cops in the building.

Silberman leaves as Arnie enters. Arnie asks to see Sarah and is told by the cop on duty to wait on a bench. Arnie slowly surveys the room, then says his most famous line -

"I'll be back."

He leaves, and next thing you know, a car is plowing straight into the entry area. Out steps Arnie with weapon in each hand, blasting away. Sarah wakes up, upset and knowing exactly what is happening. The captain locks her into her back room for safety. Arnie knocks out the lights and Reese escapes from the guy watching him. Sarah hides under her desk while Arnie continues to wreak havoc. She hears the doorknob turning and in comes Reese calling in panic for her. She runs to him and he leads her out to safety.

Arnie hears their car leaving and shoots after them. But they get away. Their car runs out of gas and they push the car off the road. They hide under a bridge and huddle together for warmth. He says his first name is Kyle and asks what it's like to go through time. He says it's a white light and pain. She realizes he's been shot and insists on helping him. While she helps him, he tells her about her son. Reese says you trust him, he has a strength. She jokes "At least now I know what I'm supposed to name him." Reese says the father dies before the war but he doesn't know who he was. Reese says he volunteered because "it was a chance to meet the legend - Sarah Connor - who taught her son to fight ... from when he was a kid."

She insists she's not the mother of the future - she's not tough or organized. She says she doesn't want this honor. But Reese has a memorized message - "Thank you for your courage through the dark years ... the future is not set. You must survive or I will never exist." She asks Reese to tell her more about the future. Reese talks about the HKs using infrared, but that the terminators came along and were worse.

Back to the future and combat scenes. Reese and crew head into the depths of the human hideout and the dogs sniff them to make sure they're OK. It's dark and dingy down there, with dirty kids and sick adults. John has a faded picture of Sarah Connor that he gazes at. Suddenly the dogs start arking and it's a terminmator in shooting everybody with lser fire. The humans scramble and many are killed, and Reese's picture is burned up in a fire. He watches it fade into black.

Fade to Reese and Sarah, where he's holding her. Switch to Arnie who is in a slum room, his skin is decaying. A janitor calls in asking if he has a dead cat in there, and he chooses a swear from the appropriate response list. He has the address book and is scanning it. Reese and Sarah have found a hotel room with a kitchen. Reese goes out but gives her a gun first - she takes it uncertainly. While he's gone, Sarah calls her mom and then lets her mom know where she is. Unfortunately, it's really the Terminator who ends the conversation with "I love you too, sweetheart."

Reese comes back with ingredients for plastique - "I learned to make it as a kid." Arnie is coming on a motorcycle while Reese gives Sarah lessons on building a bomb. She says later in the evening that he must be disappointed in her, and he says he's not. She asks what women in his time are like and he says "good fighters". She asks if he loved anyone and he says no, but he had a picture of her from John Connor. He admits that he's always loved her from that day. And they make love in a gorgeously done and tasteful scene.

In comes the Terminator - the dog barks, alerting the duo. Arnie chases the pickup truck on his red motorcycle. Reese and Sarah switch places on the fly and she drives while he lights his bombs. He throws a couple and then is shot. She drives Arnie into a wall and the car flips. Arnie of course gets up but is run over by a tractor trailer. The truck stops and the trucker goes in back, and is grabbed by Arhie. Arnie gets into the driver's seat and says "Get Out" to the passenger who quickly complies.

Sarah tells Kyle to get up while the tractor trailer approaches. He's not moving. They barely escape from the car before it's mashed by the tractor trailer. She gets him to run and he gets another bomb ready , putting it in the truck's tailpipe. The fuse keeps burning as he chases her, and the entire truck explodes in a gigantic fireball. She watches as the flaming Terminator comes out and collapses. She thinks she's safe.

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The Terminator Plot - Part 2 - The Meeting
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