The Terminator Plot - Part 4 - The Finale

Just when you thought all was safe, the metal terminator rises from the flames and continues to persue Sarah Connor and Kyle Reese. Sarah grabs the shotgun as they run inside a nearby warehouse for safety.

The Terminator Plot - Part 3 - The Chase

Kyle turns on all the equipment to give them cover as the Terminator tries to break in. Sarah takes command and tells him "On your feet, soldier!" They head in amongst the various equipment. The Terminator follows them in with a limp, a mongst all the other machines, his precursors.

The terminator corners them by a set of stairs. Reese tells her to run while he stands to protect her, armed with an iron rod. Reese tries his best to bash the machine but fails to do much. Reese sticks his last bomb into the machinery and blows up the Terminator.

Sarah finds that a shard of metal has embedded itself in her thigh and she pulls it out. She crawls over to Reese and finds him dead. But the torso of the Terminator is still alive! All he's got now is a head, a chest and a pair of arms. It's sort of fair, neither of them can do much but crawl. They crawl through various machines including a big metal press. Sarah gets through it and as the Terminator is clawing for her throat, she presses the button to squash the Terminator, saying, "You're Terminated, F%%%er". Squish goes the Terminator, and his eye light fades out.

The cops show up, put Reese into a body bag and take her away. Forward to "Tape 7 - November 10" - with Sarah, pregnant, and a dog in a jeep. She's driving into Mexico and thinking if she should record information about John's father. She thinks about Reese, and while she does, a kid takes her picture. It's the same one that Reese had all that time ago. When Reese had the photo, he always wondered what she had been thinking about in it. As the kid leaves, he says, "There's a storm coming." Sarah responds, "I know" and drives off.

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