The Terminator Plot - Part 2 - The Meeting

In the second part of The Terminator, the pieces start to come together and Sarah Connor realizes just what she is in for.

The Terminator Plot - The Beginning

Sarah and her roommate are at their apartment drying their hair. Sarah's roommate, Ginger, is one of those "really memorable small characters". Her penchant for playing her headphone radio and bopping along at ALL times - even during sex - has spawned all sorts of parodies.

Ginger's boyfriend calls and talks dirty by accident to Sarah, who laughs in amusement at this. Meanwhile the cops are looking at two death reports that are both for Sarah Connor. Back at Sarah's, her lizard, Pugsley is missing. She finds it but hears that her boyfriend has stood her up. She heads out to her scooter to go to a movie. She's sort of nervous about the deserted garage but heads out. The young guy heads out after her.

The cops are already being harassed by the press about the 2 murders. They say the third girl isn't answering the phone nor the door. They try calling again, but only Ginger and her boyfriend are home, having sex (with Ginger dancing to her headphones). The cops decide to give the press the info in case Sarah is watching the news - and sure enough she is at a restaurant and sees the report. She goes to a phone book and looks them up and sees that she is third on the list. The phone is out of order so she leaves, now very paranoid, passing by the young guy who starts to follow her. She hides in a club - TechNoir - and watches as he walks past. She goes in to the back and calls the police but gets a recording and hangs up in frustration.

Back at her apartment, the cops on duty are called off to an emergency, and Arnie heads on in. Ginger's boyfriend is asleep, and Ginger bops with her headphones into the kitchen for a snack. The lizard scares her. First Arnie kills the boyfriend very roughly (with the oblivious Ginger singing in the other room) and then Arnie shoots her.

Unfortunately, the answering machine picks up. It has a great, ironic message on it. "Hi there! Ha ha, fooled you, you're talking to a machine. But don't be shy, it's ok, machines need love too ... so talk to it!" Unfortunately, it's Sarah leaving her exact location and asking for help. Arnie hears this and finds a picture of Sarah.

Sarah finally gets through to the cops and they tell her to hang tight. But in comes Arnie, right past the main bouncer who tries to stop him without effect. Arnie scans the crowd looking for Sarah. Sarah bends down at just the right time for Arnie to miss seeing her. She does glance over and see the young guy, who looks straight at her. Suddenly Arnie turns around and spots her, heading in for the kill. She sees him coming and looks up. The young guy whips out his shotgun as Arnie aims a pistol right at Sarah's head and she sits there in shock.

The young guy blasts Arnie several times but he still gets up. Arnie uses his Uzi to blast the arae and the young guy hides behind the bar and returns fire. The crowd flees but Sarah is caught under a fallen body. She sees Arnie stalking towardrs her. He reloads and aims to shoot again - but the young guy shoots him. The young guy grabs Sarah's arm and says "Come with me if you want to live." Sarah watches in shocked horror as Arnie gets up yet again. The two run down the alley with Arnie in pursuit.

Arnie now uses his computer vision to track them, and you clearly know he's a robot. The young guy and Sarah hop into a car and back out - but Arnie lands on the hood and punches through the windshield grabbing at her. The cops show up and call in the "Hit and Run Felony". Arnie bashes the cop's head and takes off in the cop car after the two.

The young guy asks if Sarah's OK and she tries to jump out of the car. He demands that she do exactly what he says and she cries not to hurt her. The young guy says he's here to help her, that he's Reese, Sergeant Techcom assigned to protect her. She's been targeted for termination.

Arnie hears the radio call for the chase and perfectly mimics the officer's voice to say he's on the job. Back in the lead car, Sarah says this is a mistake, that she didn't do anything. Reese says that she WILL, that it's very important that she live. He explains that the guy was a Terminator, Cyberdyne Systems model one-zero-one.

She says, "Like a robot?" incredulously. Reese says no, a cyborg. A cybernetic organism. She replies that the robot was bleeding. He says the terminator is part man, part machine. Inside machine, outside skin. He explains that the 600 series had a rubber skin - they spotted them easily. These new ones LOOK human, sweat, have bad breath, everything. He had to wait until the Terminator moved on her to know who it was. She says they can't make things like this - and he says not yet - they will in 40 years. She asks if this means he's from the future, and he replies, one possible future, he doesn't know tech stuff. She tries to run off.

Reese gives his famous speech. "That Terminator is out there. It can't be bargained with, it can't be reasoned with, it doesn't feel pity or remorse or fear. And it absolutely will not stop ever until you are dead."

"Can you stop it?" she asks. He's unsure. A little while later, the cops find the empty car in a garage and Terminator-man comes to the scene. Reese and Sarah run along to a car. "Why me," she asks. He pauses and then explains there was a nuclear war a few years from now that destroys pretty much everything. The survivors restarted, but it was the machines - a defense network of computers - that had started it. "They say it got smart." Reese grew up in the ruins, hiding from HKs - hunter killers. There were extermination camps. He shows his laser scan tattoo. He says they were almost extinct - but one man taught them to resist. That man's name was John Connor, her unborn son.

Arnie shows up and chases them through the garage, with them having a shotgun battle. They chase out into the streets. Finally the cops catch up with them and Reese prepares to resist, but she stops him, saying that they'll kill him. While they cuff Reese, they realize that Arnie has vanished.

The cops take Sarah back to the office and she's crying because she's been told Ginger is dead. Doctor Silberman is brought in, a criminal psychologist. She wants to know if Reese is crazy, and he says, "That's what we're going to find out!"

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