The Terminator Plot - Part 1 - The Beginning

Are you planning on seeing T3 - Terminator 3 - sometime soon? Here's a full plot review of the original Terminator movie to catch you up to the present.

You get a quick glimpse of the future, in 2029, when human skulls are being crushed in a dismal landscape. You don't have any more detail before you jump back to the present, 1984. Arnold, looking like a normal (if naked and buff) man, appears in a grungy part of town and starts looking around. He goes up to 3 punks and asks calmly for their clothes, pulling the heart out of one. The third guy starts stripping immediately.

Switch to another street where a much thinner guy - Michael Biehn - falls to the ground, showing much more pain and uncertainty. He's got a few scars on his body and is shaken up. The cops chase him and he grabs one, asking what year it is. He then runs into a clothing store and steals some clothes. He steals a shotgun from the cop car, and with his new long trenchcoat walks down the street. He heads into a phone booth and sees there are 3 Sarah Connors in the area - he grabs that page.

Now cut to a pretty woman riding a motor-scooter. She's late to work as a waitress - her timecard shows she's Sarah Connor. Back to Arnie who breaks into a station wagon with his fist, rips off the steering column and drives off. Back at the restaurant, Sarah is having the day from Hell.

Arnie heads into a gun shop and starts asking for a variety of weapons including a "phased plasma rifle". He's told that they don't have that. He takes another collection of weapons, is told there's a 15 day waiting period, and shoots the gun owner. Back to the young guy, who is sawing off his shotgun. Back to Arnie who is looking up the 3 Sarah Connors.

Armie drives over a play truck in his station wagon and walks up to a quiet suburban house, with a tiny Pomeranian barking at him. He knocks on the door, and Sarah Connor answers. He breaks in and shoots her numerous times.

Back at the restaurant, Sarah's friend drags her to the TV to hear the news that Sarah Connor, 35, mother of 2 was brutally shot to death. Sarah's friend says playfully, "You're dead, honey."

The young guy is now hotwiring a car, and watches a big machine rumble along. Seeing the treads brings back his memory of those treads from the beginning of the movie rolling over skulls. He's in combat gear with a female soldier. The two are hunted by the big machine and a flying counterpart. They grenade the ground machine but his female friend gets killed during the attack. He's caught in some metalwork and cries out as he tries to get free - and suddenly he jolts back to the present.

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