The Matrix Reloaded is Banned in Egypt

Madkour Thabit, who heads the film censorship group in Egypt, has banned The Matrix Reloaded from release in the conservative country, citing religious reasons.

While the committee did say that the violence in the movie had a small impact on their judgement, the main reason for the banning was the openly religious themes that permeate the plot. According to the statement released by the group, the Matrix Reloaded discussed the themes of "the creator and his creations, searching for the origin of creation and the issue of compulsion and free will." The group felt that this was not a healthy line of thought for a religiously appropriate upbringing.

The group also took issue with the core revelation at the end of the Matrix. **SPOILER WARNING *** At the end of this movie, Neo is told that his 'version' of the Matrix is just one of many in a cycle, and that at the end of each cycle, the system was restarted again. Neo knew that there had been ONE previous cycle - that of the 'perfect society', that mankind rebelled against. But he did not know that there had been MANY cycles of the world he knew, and that the creators of the Matrix intended to restart yet another cycle in the near future. The censorship group did not like this world view that the life we lead is cyclical in nature. **SPOILER WARNING OFF ***

Egypt has not liked any of the Matrix series for its "Zionist" promotion. To the Egyptians, a promotion of Zion is a promotion of Zionist and Jewish beliefs - that Jesus Christ was NOT the savior, and that a savior will be coming soon to redeem mankind. The movie, to them, shows Neo as that new savior, coming to bring mankind out of its dark ages.

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