The Matrix Reloaded - Plot and Spoilers

Please don't read this if you have not seen the movie! This reviews the full plot and spoilers for the Matrix Reloaded, the second movie in the Matrix movie.

The movie begins with the knowledge that something is starting to happen within the Matrix. The Matrix is sending a gigantic launch of machines at Zion, the home city for all of the "freed" humans. The launch is overwhelming. The generals who defend Zion want every single ship back home to help defend it against the attack.

During this time, the humans also learn that some bits of code have run wild in the Matrix. Agent Smith has decided he didn't want to be "recycled" and is now on the loose, duplicating himself and launching hundreds of copies of himself against Neo.

Morpheus is commanded to return to Zion and help defend the homeland. However, Morpheus believes that the salvation of Zion lies not in a physical battle, but in something Neo must do - and he wants to wait so Neo can talk with the Oracle and find out what he must do. There are arguments about the wisdom of this, but finally Morpheus and his old girlfriend, Niobe, take this route.

Neo talks with the Oracle, and discovers that the Oracle is actually a programmed part of the Matrix, and therefore he isn't sure if he can trust her or not. Maybe she's deliberately misleading him, in order to keep him from doing his real task of saving the humans. Or maybe she's a renegade code that is actually trying to help the humans. Neo is told to go talk to Merovingian to get the Keymaster.

Off go Neo, Morpheus and Trinity. Merovingian refuses to hand over the keymaster and laughingly points out that Neo is just doing what he is told without even knowing why - that he has no idea what this keymaster would even do for him. But Merovingian is having too much fun manipulating people - including a sexy woman. His wife, Persephone, takes offense and lets Neo have access to the Keymaster. In a gigantic fight sequence, Neo, Morpheus and Trinity get the Keymaster out.

Now they are at a building which the Keymaster says has a secret level. They go through a series of trials to be able to gain entry to the building, and the keymaster dies. Trinity, who was told to stay out of the Matrix for her own safety, has to go in to save Neo. His nightmarish vision throughout the movie of her falling and dying while fighting with agents comes true - but Neo is busy elsewhere.

He has finally found "The Architect" - the one who controls the Matrix. He is told that this isn't the only time the Matrix's current timeline has taken place. We already knew from the first movie that there used to be a "perfect world" matrix - and that it failed because humanity couldn't cope with the idea of a perfect world. So they tried more "natural" forms and it worked - but there always seemed to be a rogue pattern that ran through them. So in essence the Matrix runs through a cycle, a "Neo" is formed and comes to talk to the Architect - and then they simply reset the entire system and start it up again.

Each time, they give "Neo" a choice - to go in and save Trinity and bring down the destruction of all humanity, or to return to Zion, take the few humans that were left and start the cycle. The film-montage here shows how past Neos have reacted to these choices. Apparently, past Neos put aside their love for Trinity and chose to save Humanity. But not this Neo. He blasts out and saves Trinity as she falls.

They come out of the Matrix and their ship is attacked - they escape to another ship, and in the process Neo sees machines coming after them. He blasts them, falling into a coma. The others are fascinated that he could blast them in the "real world". Does this mean that what they thought was the "real world" is really just another level of the matrix? Also, another man is in sickbay - apparently a traitor that helped to bring down Zion.

That's the end of the Matrix Reloaded!

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