The Matrix Reloaded - Zionism

The Matrix Reloaded is, at its core, a story about humans retreating to Zion and defending it against machines. What is the actual meaning of Zionism in the world, and how does this attack have real-life aspects?

First, Zion in The Matrix and The Matrix Reloaded. In the story, humans are being used as "batteries" to give power to aliens. To keep the humans going, their brains are plugged into The Matrix, where they live out a virtual reality life. When the are rescued from that battery hookup, and their brains unplugged from the Matrix, their real life bodies now go to the underground cave-city of Zion. You are told about the city in The Matrix, and you actually get to see it in The Matrix Reloaded.

Much of the plot of The Matrix Reloaded is that machines are coming to destroy Zion completely, and the humans who live there are working feverishly to try to defend their city from destruction. Zionism, to Neo and Trinity and their companions, is about defending their home of Zion - a place they all came to from their various origins - from the attack of mindless machines.

In history, Zionism as a belief began to come about in the late 1800s. It was the feeling of Jewish people all over the world that instead of being "religious everywhere", that they should all have their OWN nation to control, govern and live in as they felt was appropriate. They did not want to have to make do with the governments of others, trying to find understanding and live their way of life under the guidelines of others. They wanted a nation where Jewish law was the law, where Jewish traditions were the normal way of life.

With many Jewish people being actively harassed by their neighbors, and forced to live in lesser conditions, this way of thinking became very popular. Small areas began to attract Jewish populations to set up this sort of rule - but with WWII and the Holocost, the Zionist movement hit full steam. The end result was that the Jewish people were given the nation of Israel in which to live.

Now that Jewish people have the nation of Israel, Zionism refers to the defense and constant attention that the nation needs, because of the many attacks on it from outside forces.

You can see how those who do not believe that Jewish people should have been given Israel - that those who had the land "taken away from them" were kicked out of their homes unfairly - could have an issue with this take. The idea that Zionism is a group of "good guys" fighting against "evil people without souls", and that amongst those "good guys" is "The One" who will bring salvation to humanity, is in many ways a statement against Christianity and the bureaucracy and structure it has held in the world for thousands of years.

On one hand, it's just a movie! But on the other hand, the directors did a TON of research into extremely intricate themes and named each character with incredible care. It's interesting to think about just what these connections might mean ...

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