The Matrix Reloaded - Thadeus

In The Matrix Reloaded, Thadeus is the captain of the doomed Osiris, and he and his crew give their lives in order to get the message out about the impending attack. He knows that it is a lost cause to try to relay the message, but he knows that it is critical and must be attempted.

The full story of how Thadeus and his crew spot the threat and get the message to the post office is told in the first Animatrix short, Final Flight of the Osiris. The fetching of the package by Niobe and Ghost is the plot for the Enter the Matrix game.

In real life, Jude Thaddeus was a saint - Saint Jude - the nephew of Joseph and Mary, and the brother to James the Lesser. He died a martyr for his cause.

Saint Jude is of course the saint of ... lost causes! The perfect name for a noble 'member of the family' in the Biblical Matrix World.

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