The Matrix Reloaded - Persephone

In The Matrix Reloaded, Persephone is the gorgeous wife of Merovingian - a man that The Oracle tells Neo he must talk with. Who is Persephone and what is her role in mythology?



First, the movie Persephone. Played by Monica Bellucci, Persephone is the wife of Merovingian. Neo and crew are told by the Oracle to talk with Merovingian because he holds the "Keymaster" - and the Keymaster is who they need to open a special door to get the answers they need. He opens a gateway to new knowledge. Read Merovingian in History

Merovingian refuses to give up the Keymaster, and talks to them about choice and lack of choice. He demonstrates that he gave a gorgeous woman some food to make her super-horny, and that she has no choice about her feeling this way. He then of course proceeds to go and "take advantage" of her in this state. Persephone has had enough at this point, and tells Neo that she will give him the Keymaster - in return for a REAL kiss. Neo is unsure but agrees to do it.

In Mythology, Persephone was a gorgeous woman who was abducted by Hades, lord of the Underworld. Finally she agreed to stay with Hades, but Persephone's mother, Demeter, wanted Persephone back. She had a talk with Hades - and a compromise was reached. Because Persephone had already eaten some pomegranate seeds, she could not return fully. Persephone would stay with Hades for half the year, when it would be cold and dark (i.e. winter). Then she would come up to be with Demeter for half the year (i.e. summer).

The parallels for this story are several. First, in both cases Persephone is a beautiful woman paired up with a powerful man who controls dark forces. The man works against the aims of the free will of indivduals. The idea that Persephone is trapped because she ate pomegranate seeds is similar to the red pill choice Neo had to make - Persephone undoubtedly understands the nature of the Matrix, but has chosen to stay within it.

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