Warm Up Exercises - Without Sword

This is the list of warm up exercises it was recommended I do each day before beginning any swordfighting workouts.

Sun Salutations
OK I know this isn't what this really is, but it seemed quite similar :) You start with your legs shoulder width apart. You start by taking your hands together and stretching them up towards the ceiling, as high as you can go. Hold for a little while. Then round your back and slowly reach down to the ground, touching your fingers at first. Hold for a few moments. Stretch up, reaching for the sky. Hold. Round down, now pressing your knuckles to the floor. Hold. Stretch up, reaching for the stars. Hold. Round down, pressing your palms to the floor. Hold and stand.

Shoulder / Tricep Stretch
Raise your right arm to the sky. Now bend your right elbow and reach down your back as if you're scratching your back. Raise your left arm and use your left hand to gently press your right elbow down further. Press for a few moments, then switch. Do each side several times. For this one, I can actually lower my left arm and have it reach up behind my back and clasp my fingers, which I think is a more deep stretch, but I'll check with my instructor to see if there's a reason he wants us to do it the both-hands-from-above method.

Waist Thinning
OK I know this one is actually about loosening the shoulders :) What you do is stand relaxed with your arms at your side. then turn your body as if you're looking over your left shoulder, letting your arms swing out. Now rotate the other direction to look over your right shoulder, and let your arms swing around and follow. Keep going back and forth to let your arms fly out around you.

Taking Flight
Stand with feet shoulder width apart and put your arms straight out at either side. Start making small circles with your entire arm, as if you were a hummingbird. Make the circles larger and larger as you go until you are doing huge sweeping motions with your arms, sort of like you were doing an exaggerated forward breaststroke. Then back off and make the circles smaller and smaller again. We used to do this all the time in volleyball to loosen up the shoulder joints.

Lunge Trios
Lunges are great workouts for the legs :) Start with your feet shoulder width apart. Take a step left with your left foot, so your feet are now more wide apart, and lower yourself down onto your left foot so your left knee is bent. You should feel this in your left thigh muscle :) Try to keep your knee over your foot for safety reasons - don't let yourself overbalance so your knee is forward of your foot. Hold for a few minutes. Part 2 - turn the toes to to left, i.e. in the direction you are lunging in. Hold. Part 3 - raise your back (right) foot onto its toes and sink even deeper into the lunge. Hold. Now stand and reverse.

Finger Flexibility
Put your right arm straight in front of you, with your palm facing forward, as if you were a traffic cop saying "Stop". Now with your left hand pull back gently on the tops of your right hand's fingers, stretching them back towards you. This stretches your fingers and your wrist. Hold for 10 seconds, then switch to the other hand. Repeat three times.

Hand Grip
This is a hard one to describe. Put your right hand against your chest, with your pinkie finger facing in against your chest and your thumb facing out. Curl your hand slightly so your tops of your fingers curl towards your right shoulder and the pinkie and thumb both curl in towards the center, as if you were gently cupping an orange. Now take your left hand and put the four fingers of your left hand into the center of your right hand's palm. Put the thumb of your left hand in between the pointer finger and middle finger of your right hand's knuckles. Your left hand should now be "cradling" your right hand. Gently pull both hands down your chest to your belly button. This should put a soft stretch on the right hand. Hold for 10 seconds. Reverse hands and repeat.

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