Footwork - Medieval Swords and Swordfighting

Here we have my notes on actual swordfighting. I give great thanks to the Academy of Knightly Arts for their fine instruction and information in period swordfighting. Any useful knowledge in this area is due to their patience and assistance. Anything wrong in this area is probably me mis-understanding or mis-transcribing my notes, so please let me know and I'll update the information!

Swordwork Footwork
Warm Up Exercises - Without Sword
Warm Up Exercises - With Sword
Swordfighting Stance
Advance and Retreat
Pass Forward and Pass Back
Lunge and Fade
Step Across and Pivot
Diagonal and Slope
Empty Fade

Audio Files for Sword Footwork Practice

Medieval Swords and Swordfighting

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Medieval Bows and Arrows
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Medieval Weapons

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