The Fussy Librarian Review

The Fussy Librarian is a fairly inexpensive site which lets you advertise to a specific genre of readers. You could target mystery-female sleuth readers for $9, young adult readers for $14, and so on. The website states clearly how many subscribers your message will go out to. Then tend to range from about 10k to 80k as of January 2015. Payments are done via PayPal. They require you have at least 10 reviews of your book with at least an average ranking of 4.0 stars. They also have a quite long lead time, so planning can be a challenge.

The website only keeps 30 days of book history, so that's a downside compared with BookBasset and other sites. Your promotion is fairly short-lived. Their search feature does let users search for books with no intimacy and no profanity, so if you have a clean book, this does help you get found and appreciated.

Here's one of the ads I ran with them for my clean medieval romance novel A Sense of Duty, a $2.99 full length novel. It has 10 stars with an average rating of 4.4.

The Fussy Librarian

I got **one** purchase from running the Fussy Librarian ad. Just one. And that's of course assuming that it wasn't a statistical blip. It could have just been one extra reader on average given the normal fluctuations of purchases. I get far more results than that on other advertising sites.

I've also run free copies of my adult romance novels. When I run these with BookBasset I can get 600 or more downloads for $8. Here with The Fussy Librarian I get maybe 80 downloads tops. The same book, the same 40+ reviews with a 4.1 average rating.

So in my testing The Fussy Librarian only barely works for free books and really doesn't work well at all for for-pay books.

Your mileage may vary!

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