The Flowers of Astrology

Each sign reacts best to a certain flower. Bring home a bouquet for yourself or someone you love!

Carnation - The carnation is bright, cheery and hardy, perfect for the Capricorn.

Chyrsanthemum - Scorpio enjoys the exotic splendour of the richly colored chrysanthemum.

Jonquil - Pisces are dreamy about the jonquil, with its aromatic fragrance.

Larkspur - Cancers love the larkspur, with its comfy connotations.

Lily of the Valley - The Gemini is doubly pleased by the lily of the valley - its gorgeous flowers and its beautiful aroma.

Narcissus - Saggitarius enjoys the historical roots of the narcissus plant as well as its current day beauty.

Orchid - The creative Aquarius loves the exotic orchids, with their intoxicating scents and colors.

Pansy - Virgo's romantic nature finds the beautiful wildflower to be just right.

Poppy - Taurus brightens when a poppy bouquet brings to mind the poppy fields around country homes.

Rose - The balancing, fair nature of Libra finds perfection in the fragrant aromas of the rose.

Sunflower - Leo's ostentatious nature is pleased by the bright yellow, large flowers of the sunflower.

Sweet Pea - The child-like enthusiasm of the Aries is caught up with the sweet pea.

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