The Colors of Astrology

If you are decorating your home, sending a present to a friend, or snuggling in a favorite sweater, here are the colors that work well for each astrology sign.

Red - Aries, sign of fire, is energized by strong red colors. Capricorn's gemstone is the red garnet. Scorpio also enjoys the fiery passion of red.

Yellow - Gemini, a dual sign, has a single strength as far as colors go. Their base color and stone color both draw from the yellows of the sun. Leo the lion enjoys sun-colors as well.

Green - Capricorn draws strength from rich greens. Pisces, the fish sign, tends towards the paler greens.

Blue - Aquarius has a base color of deep blue, the depths of water. Taurus, the stable sign, enjoys the lighter blue of lakes and streams.

Indigo - Libra is a sign of balance, the deep purple appeals to libra.

Violet - Aquarius has the amethyst as its gemstone, which is a light purple. Saggitarius enjoys the more rich purple color.

Brown - Virgo is the sign of strength, of earth. Virgo enjoys the browns that come from the stability of our land.

White - Aries' gemstone is the diamond, brilliant white. Cancer enjoys the more subtle whites in a pearl.

Silver - Cancer's energizing color is silver.

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