The Planets of Astrology

Each planet has a connection with a different astrological sign. Which planet is associated with you? Read on to find out!

Earth - The home planet is associated with Capricorn, the steady goat.

Jupiter - The largest planet in our solar system connects with Saggitarius, granting large doses of luck.

Mars - Named after the god of war, red Mars is associated with Aries.

Mercury - Mercury is both very hot and very cold - and this duality matches Gemini perfectly. Mercury the messenger also represents Virgo, the sign of intelligence.

Moon - The moon controls the tides, and it controls the watery Cancer.

Neptune - Named after the god of the sea, Neptune matches well with Pisces.

Pluto - The god of the underworld is a good match for Scorpio, with their deep passions.

Sun - Leo the lion flames brightly, along with the warm sun.

Uranus - This distant planet is associated with Aquarius.

Venus - Libra the fair is represented by the often visible Venus. This nearby planet also represents Taurus, the steady sign.

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