The Gemstones of Astrology

Looking to buy a new charm or necklace for the one you love? Be sure to get something that matches their astrological sign! Remember, people have not only a sun (primary) sign but also a moon (secondary) sign. Learn and understand both!

Agate - Gemini is the one who connects best with the agate.

Amethyst - The watery hues of amethyst go with the water bearer, Aquarius.

Aquamarine - Another watery gem, this one for the fishy Pisces.

Diamond - Diamonds perfectly match the brilliance and strength of the Aries personality. They also represent the precise fairness of the Libra.

Emerald - Taurus' love of home and hearth reflect nicely in the greens of the emerald.

Garnet - The smoky colors of the garnet help focus the determined Capricorn.

Pearl - It's fitting that the underwater pearl shines for the Cancer crab.

Ruby - The fiery ruby is the stone of the passionate, magnetic Leo.

Sapphire - Virgo's beauty and true-blue nature are a perfect match for the sapphire.

Topaz - Scorpio's passionate nature can be seen in the swirls of a topaz.

Turquoise - A natural stone is perfect for the archer, Saggitarius.

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