Japanese Gift Giving Guide

As you might imagine, I have got quite a number of Japanese-themed items in my home, from paintings to books to CDs of music. I have Japanese dolls, sake sets, chopsticks, dishes, and much more. Here are some of my favorite suggestions if you love Japanese items, or if you're looking to buy a present for someone who does.

Japanese Love Kanji
Express your love with these gorgeous tote bags, tshirts and other items! The Japanese character for "love" is on a red background.

Japanese Books
I own quite a number of books on Japanese cooking, poetry, meditation, history and more. Read through my list of suggested books to read.

Japanese Sake Sets
Sipping sake is incredibly relaxing, and is the perfect complement to reading poetry or listening to music. Here are some gorgeous sake sets for your next dinner, whether it's alone or with others.

Japanese Plates and Pottery
It's so nice, when serving an oriental meal, to have plates and tableware to complement the theme. Here are some lovely suggestions for you or for a gift for another.

Japanese T-Shirts and Clothing
What you wear defines a lot of who you are. People look at you and make judgements based on the types of clothing you are wearing and the connections they make. So wear clothing that reflects your love for items Japanese, either with direct patterns coming from that culture or fun, catching sayings!

Japanese Candles Soaps and More
There are all sorts of cool miscellaneous gifts like soaps, candles, erasers, pencils and more that make for inexpensive gifts for the Japanese fan in your life. Pick up a few for yourself while you're at it too!

Japanese Music
Surround your world with the luxurious melodies of traditional Japanese music. Perfect for relaxing and enjoying the Japanese way of life!

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