Japanese Traditional Music

True, we cannot go back in time. However, we can immerse ourselves as much as possible in a way of life to imagine what it MIGHT have been like to live in a certain era. The sounds of a time are critical in understanding how people thought and felt. Here are collections of music from feudal Japan and the surrounding times, for you to play while you light some incense, eat traditional Japanese foods, and perhaps watch a movie about this time.

Traditional Vocal and Instrumental Music of Japan
A great selection of music with only a few vocal tracks, which many modern ears will find to be just enough. Japanese vocals take some getting used to.

Koto Music of Japan
Soothing koto music has got to be THE perfect music to relax by. This will help you understand how samurai found tranquility before battle.

Kabuki and Traditional Music
While the nobles would watch performances of Noh, the middle classes enjoyed the more lively Kabuki performances with its traditional music. Quite enjoyable.

Shakuhachi - Flute Music
The Shakuhachi has been a traditional instrument in Japan for hundreds of years, if not over a thousand. Haunting music that will stay with you long after the CD is done.

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