Terminator 2 Plot - Part 2 - The Meetings

In part 2 of Terminator 2, the various characters begin to get together and meet, and the story moves forward.

Terminator 2 Plot - Part 1

John and his friend ride their motorcycle down an alley, with Arnie following quietly. The cop finds out they're at the Galleria. They're in fact playing Missile Command. The cop and Arnie both home in while John's defense against the sky missiles fails, his cities are all destroyed and it says "The End".

The cop asks John's friend if he knows John and the friend lies. He tells John to run and John goes out a back door, running down a deserted hall. The cop stalks in pursuit. In comes Arnie the other way, and John freezes. Arnie pulls out a shotgun, stepping on roses he was carrying to hide the gun. Arnie and the cop are on either sides of John, who is frozen. Arnie says, "get down" and fires at the cop. The co takes the bullet and fires back - Arnie shields John with his body and puts him to safety. He then blasts The T1000 many times, causing metallic holes in the robot. The robot simply allows them to heal and the two fight it out mano-a-mano. It turns out this new T1000 is rather good and throws Arnie out a window. A mall guy takes pictures of Arnie as he goes back in after the T1000.

John gets to his motorcycle and barely escapes with the T1000 chasing him. The T1000 jumps into a Freightliner truck and bashes his way through cars while chasing John. Out comes Arnie on his Harley. John heads down into the aqueduct and stops, wondering if he's safe. No such luck, the truck launches off the road and comes down after him. Arnie sees them and does some shots at the T1000 with cool one-handed reloads. He then does a jump off a high overlook to land down near John. He makes it past the T1000 truck and gets alongside John, putting him on front of the bike. The T1000 smahes into an embankment and the truck explodes in a fiery ball. Arnie stops to look but only a tire rolls out. Off the two ride. When they're gone, the T1000 strolls out, first silvery humanoid slowly turning back into a human form.

John makes Arnie stop the bike. Arnie says he's a Terminator - a Cyberdyne systems model one-oh-one. John examines the bullet holes in his back and is shocked that this is real. Arnie says his mission is to protect John, sent by John Connor in 35 years. He was reprogrammed. The two go off again. Arnie says the other guy is a T1000, an advanced prototype made of "liquid metal". John wants to get stuff from the house but Arnie says not to.

John calls in and his foster mom is too nice - and the dog is barking. The foster dad says he wants John to get rid of the mutt. The Terminator takes the phone and asks how "Wolfie" is even though the dog's name is Max. The foster mom says "Wolfie is fine" - the Terminator knows it's the T1000. Arnie says "Your foster parents are dead" - and you see that the "mom" is indeed the T1000 and had turned her hand into a knife to kill the "dad".

Arnie explains that the T1000 as anything it touches - only an object of equal size. It can't form complex machines. Just bodies, knives and stabbing weapons.

At the mental hospital, cops show Sarah that photos prove the same guy that killed 17 cops in T1 has just been fighting at the mall, that John is missing and his foster parents are killed. They want her help in catching the guy. She just sits there staring straight ahead. Silberman tells them they're wasting their time, that she's lost track of reality. She grabs a paperclip while they aren't looking. She goes passively.

John tells Arnie that they spent lots of time in Nicaragua, gun running, that she would "shack up with anyone" who would teach them both how to be great military strategists. That when she was busted, he was disillusioned, that his mom was just crazy. He hated her for that ... but now he realizes it was all true. He wants to save his mom. Arnie says no, and John cries for help. John tells Arnie to let him go and Arnie does. "Cool - my own Terminator." John tells Arnie to beat up 2 guys - but when Arnie prepares to shoot one he panics and tells Arnie to stop.

John says in shock, "Jesus, you were going to kill that guy!" Arnie's response: "Of course, I'm a terminator."

John tells him that he's not a terminator any more. You can't just go around killing people. John orders Arnie to help him get his mom. Sure enough, the cop drives into the mental hospital. You see Linda being strapped down in bed. When the orderly leaves (after licking her face) she comes instantly awake and picks her locks. She picks her way out of her room as the security guard locks the main door.

The T1000 disguises himself as a checkerboard floor - very cool effect - and replicates the security guard, killing the guard and dragging him into a closet. Meanwhile, Sarah has mader herself a wood baton and bashes the orderly in, grabbing his keys. She grabs his baton and heads alertly down the hall.

She grabs Silberman and fills a needle with Roto-Rooter. Outside, John makes Arnie swear not to kill anyone. Arnie shoots the guard in the kneecaps, opens the main gate and says "He'll Live."

Silberman tells the guards to open the inner door, since she believes everyone will die anyway. She gets through but loses Silberman, and the guards set off an alarm. She locks them behind one door while she gets through the next, breaking the key off in the lock.

She is alone in a hallway, and sees a door open. Out comes Arnie with a shotgun. She slides on the ground, running away. Out pops John saysing to wait. The guards grab her and Arnie beats them all up. Silberman just stands there. "Come with me if you want to live" says Arnie. John says he's here to help.

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