Terminator 2 Judgement Day

In Terminator 2, Arnold is back - but now he's the good guy, trying to save a young John Connor from termination by the newest form of enemy machine.

Made a full 7 years after the original Terminator movie, you really can see how Arnie and Linda have matured - giving great depth to their characters. Sarah Connor is no longer an unsure waitress - she's a rough, tough mother who will do anything to defend her son. Arnie isn't a robotic machine. He's going through some complex changes himself.

We get to bring back some other characters from the first movie too, including the ever-annoying Dr. Silberman who continually disbelieves any of this is happening. There are of course more chase scenes, more background information about Cyberdyne and what is going on in the world. More discussions about the consequences of time travel and the sacrifices you have to make to stand up for something you believe in.

One of the big leaps in those intervening years was with FX technology, and it shows. In the original Terminator, Arnie was a robotic machine - and the scenes with fully moving robots were pretty impressive. But by 1991, when T2 came out, they were able to create a fully liquid enemy a la The Abyss. And it's truly impressive, even by modern day standards.

A must-watch for any action movie fan - especially if you want to see the new release of T3!

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