Terminator 2 Plot - Part 3 - The Escape

The T1000 comes to the gate and then walks through it. Silberman is in shock. Arnie covers their escape while the 2 run towards an elevator. The T1000 smashes Silberman's glasses and chases the trio. He drops down on the elevator and Arnie and Sarah shoot upwards at it. John gives her a clip to reload and then the trio take over a cop car and head out. The T1000 runs after them. The adults throw guns in the back to John to reload while they fight. He does so quite expertly. "Last one" he warns his mom, giving her the pistol.

The T1000 lands on the roof. Arnie tells her to drive and she ably does while he shoots - again mirroring a scene in T1. They shake him off and are safe. Sarah yells at John for risking himself just to get her, and John is sad. Meanwhile the T1000 runs into a cop on a motorcycle. "Say, that's a nice bike," he says.

Arnie sews up Sarah's wounds. She then yanks out the bullets. Arnie says he can live 120 years and has a learning computer - the more contact he has with cmputers, the more he learns. The next morning, they hop in a station wagon. John teaches Arnie slang, including "Hasta La Vista, Baby".

At a stop, John watches 2 kids fight with toy guns, and thinks sadly that mankind just likes violence. Arnie agrees, "It's in your nature to destroy yourselves." Sarah asks who was directly responsible for Skynet. Arnie says it was Miles Bennet Dyson. The Director of Special Projects at Cyberdyne. In a few months he creates a revolutionary microchip. In 3 years Cyberdyne is the largest supplier of military computer systems. The full system goes on line on August 4, 1997. The system becomes self-aware at 2:14am EST Aug 29, 1997. The rulers try to pull the plug and Skynet attacks Russia, so the counterattack will destroy the US.

The trio drive down to a grungy desert homestead. "Wait in the car," she says. They hook up with Enrique, and call Arnie "Uncle Bob". Sarah puts Arnie and John on weapons detail, and there are tons to choose from. Arnie finds a minigun and smiles at John. "That's definitely you," says John with a grin. Later, as they chat, John says he wishes he knew his real dad. Arnie says he will, later.

Sarah realizes the Terminator is the perfect father for John - he would never hit John, never get drunk, would always protect him, would always be there for him. She then falls asleep and dreams of the playground getting bombed as she tries to tell the kids to run. She carves into the table, "No Fate".

Sarah takes off north, leaving behind Arnie and the kid. John sees the words and says "The Future's Not Set - No fate but what we make for ourselves." was part of the message John (the adult) told Reese to memorize and bring back to Sarah. They realize Sarah is off to kill Dyson and go after her. Arnie points out that killing Dyson might actually prevent the war, but John says you can't just kill people.

At Dyson's house, he's at his computer doing research. His kid is playing with a remote-controlled car. Sarah has him in her sights but misses because Dyson ducks to pick up the car. She empties a clip into the house while he hides. Out of ammo, she goes in with a pistol and shoots him in a shoulder. The kid runs to protect the dad. She holds the gun on Dyson and says she won't let him do it ... but she can't pull the trigger. She backs off and sits down, can't believing she failed.

John goes to Sarah while Arnie checks out the family. Sarah cries against John, that she wasn't strong enough to kill him. She says she loves him.

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