Terminator 2 Plot - Part 1 - The Beginning

Here's a detailed plot of Terminator 2, to catch you up before you head out to see T3!

You start out with a scene of happy kids laughing, then a nuclear blast and it turns into a desolate wasteland. Sarah's voice comes on, saying "Three billion human lives ended on August 29th, 1997." She explains that this was called "Judgement Day" and it became the war against machines. You get footage of men and women fighting against a variety of machines. Several are the inside-terminator-chassis as seen at the end of T1.

She explains that Skynet sent TWO terminators back through time, to kill her son, John Connor. The first was sent in 1984 to kill her before she had her son. "It failed". The second was set to strike at John when he was a child. As before, the resistance sent a lone warrior - a protector. It was a question of which one would reach him first.

Once again, an electrical burst opens to have a naked Arnie appear, looking buff and deliberate, scanning the area. He walks into a biker bar and tells one of the bikers, "I need your clothes, your boots, and your motorcycle." A fight of course ensues and out walks Arnie with "Bad to the Bone" playing :) Off he rides on the Harley.

In another area of town, a cop car sees a strange electrical storm. The cop calls in the disturbance. He is hit by the second time traveller, the T1000 - this guy is very slim and always-scanning. He uses the cop's computer to track down John Connor who is staying with "legal guardians".

At the house, the foster parents are having trouble with young John who has his own red motorcycle. John takes off in full teen angst. Switch again to a mental facility - Pescadero State Hospital. There's Sarah, working out and QUITE buff. Dr. Silberman walks along with a group, says she's a 29 year old female, acute schitzo. He explains the background story of her and the group all stares in at Sarah.

The "cop" T1000 shows up at the foster home and asks for a photo of John. They give him one and say a big guy on the bike was looking for him too. You can almost see the T1000 choosing his responses from a menu of options in his head, as he talks with the foster parents.

John and his friend hack into an ATM and get some cash. He says he learned this stuff from his mom. John has the picture from the end of the first movie. He tells his friend that his mom was a complete psycho, tried to blow up a computer factory and got shot and arrested. The kids head to the mall and Arnie is close behind.

Back at the mental hospital, Sarah is watching a video of herself a while back when she got violent. In many ways the video is exactly like the one from T1 when Reese is being questioned in the police station, furious at the stupid questions. "I'm much better now," says Sarah, when they freeze the image on her wild rage. She says that she doesn't believe the company covered up the robot left behind at the end of T1.

Switch to the computer company. Mr. Dyson is told he has to sign "it" out, and the kid with him asks where "it" came from and is told not to ask. In Dyson goes to a double-lock door - in the vault he has the computer chip and full hand from the original Terminator.

Back at the mental hospital, Sarah says she has shown improvement. Dr. Silberman says he doubts she has really reformed and thinks she's too smart - she's faking it and will try to escape. She says she has to see her son, and when Silberman refuses, she launches a violent attack at him.

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