Terminator 2 Plot - Part 4 - The Battle

Now that Sarah, John and Arnie have gotten to Dyson, together they plot to destroy the cybernetic pieces that CyberDyne has.

Terminator 2 Part 3

First John gives Arnie a knife and takes Danny, the kid, out of the room. Arnie cuts open his arm to show them first hand that he's a robot. Dyson realizes immediately what is going on. Arnie goes through the entire story for the 2 adults, explaining what will happen.

Sarah goes off onto a "Men like you build the hydrogen bomb" but John says "We need to be a liiiiitle more constructive here." Dyson offers to quit Cyberdyne but Sarah points out someone else could just continue the work. Dyson agrees and says they have to destroy the files and everything.

Sarah goes into a Zen-like trance with her background dialogue as they drive. "The future, always so clear to me, had become like a black highway at night. We were in uncharted territory now, making up history as we went along." The four head into the Cyberdyne building. They tape up the guard and go up. The other guard comes by and sees the first one tied up, hitting the silent alarm. They can't use the keypad any more and Dyson says they have to abort. John says he can hack into the gate.

Arnie blows a hole through the door and sets off the Halon fire extinguisher systems - bringing them back masks so the other 2 can breathe. Meanwhile, the T1000 is at Dyson's house and sees that everything is destroyed. He heads off to Cyberdyne. The cops show up there too. Sarah and friends have the place wired to blow.

John shows up with the keys and says the cops are there. Sarah asks how many. "All of them, I think," says John. Arnie goes off to deal with them and John cries out, "You swore!" (i.e. not to kill anyone). Arnie turns and smiles. "Trust Me," he says. He goes and miniguns everything, avoiding any deaths.

Meanwhile, John and Dyson get the key parts. In come the cops, and Dyson is shot, holding the remote control. Arnie helps John and Sarah escape while the cops approach Dyson. He shows them that he's about to blow up the building and the cops run. As Dyson dies, he releases his hand and the building goes up. Arnie and friends are in the elevator but make it down. Up rides the T1000 on his police bike.

The cops send tear gas at the three and Arnie tells them "Stay here, I'll be back." The two share a gas mask while Arnie walks into a full gun assault without harm. he shoots each cop in the knee. He then fills the parking lot with tear gas. He grabs a swat car - finding the keys the way John taught him to - and rescues Sarah and John.

In a very cool motorcycle stunt, the T1000 leaps his motorcycle out an upper floor window to grab onto the helicopter that is nearby. He flies it off in pursuit of the trio. The T1000 gives himself an extra arm to fly while he shoots. She's hit in the leg (again just like in T1) and Arnie slams on the brakes so the helicopter runs into them and crashes. Unfortunately the SWAT car crashes too.

T1000 kills a gas tanker driver and takes it, while the other 3 take a pick-up. "Take the shotgun" says Sarah, climbing out. John tells his mom to hurry, just as Sarah did to Reese at the end of T1. The chase is on again. "Drive a minute" says Arnie to John. He jumps on the hoot of the truck and blasts the T1000, flipping the truck. Arnie leaps to safety as the liquid nitrogen spills at a steel factory. The T1000 comes out and as he walks in it, he begins to freeze, leaving bits of himself behind until he stops. Arnie says "Hasta la Vista, Baby" and the T2 shatters into little pieces.

Unfortunately the heat from the steel plant starts to remelt the little pieces which mercury-like slither together. Soon it's a chase in the steel factory with lots of machinery and molten steel. Just like Reese, Arnie tells them to go while he stands to face the enemy. Soon the T1000 wins and Sarah sends John away while she tries to shoot the T1000. There's a cool moment when she blows a hole in his head and it heals back up.

He stabs her in the shoulder and tells her to call to John. He slowly sends a needle towards her eye. She swears at the T1000 instead and POOF there is Arnie, smashing the T1000 to save her. The two brutally battle and again Arnie is beaten, stabbed with a stake. Sarah loads up her shotgun while John runs. Arnie finds strength and comes back to life.

John sees his mom hurt, and runs towards her. But behind her is another Mom. John looks between the two. The hurt one just keeps saying "Help me ... help me ..." while the other one says "Get out of the way, John." John decides the second must be his real mom and tells her to shoot. Sure enough, it's his real mom and she uses her shotgun to blast The T1000 backwards. He heals up fully and waves a 'naughty naughty' finger at her. But in comes Arnie, who blastsa grenade launcher into the T1000 and flings him back into the molten steel, where he dissolves in a super-cool effect.

Arnie is badly hurt and is missing a hand. "I need a vacation" he says. They toss the other Cyberdyne parts in. Arnie says there is one more chip - in his head. John tries to stop him but Arnie says, "I know now why you cry." He and Sarah shake hands. Down he goes into the molten lava, making a thumbs up with his final gesture.

"The unknown future rolls towards us - I face it for the first time with hope. Because if a terminator - a machine - can learn the value of human life, maybe we can, too."

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