John Oxendine
Lumbee American Indians

Born: June 10, 1739
Died: sometime after 1795

There are several John Oxendines in our genealogy. This John was born to the Original John Oxendine of Virginia. He was born on June 10, 1739. John's younger brother is Cood Oxendine who is in my direct family tree.

On March 5, 1759 (when he was 19) he entered 100 acres on the east side of Drowning Creek, including the improvements of "John Oxendine Sr" his father.

On Feb 25 1773 he was in court for selling liquor without a license. Moonshining?? :)

He was taxed in the Christ Church Parish of South Carolina from 1786-1795. Note that he had anywhere from 2-6 slaves at this time.

1790 Census
Note that John Oxendine is listed as OSENDINE in for this 1790 entry. By this point he is aged 50 exactly.

CHARLESTON, South Carolina - CHRIST CHURCH PARISH M637 Roll: 11 Part: 1 Page: 558A

So John's family has one adult white male, one under-16 white male, and 3 slaves.

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