Cats and Poisonous Foods

Many foods that humans eat without any problem are very bad for cats. Be sure not to feed your cats any of these, or to allow them to ´find´ them in your house and nibble on them.

Apple seeds
Apricot seeds/pits
Avodaco fruit/pit
Cherry (the whole thing)
Eggplant (the greens)
Rhubarb (leaf)
Tomato (greens)

I've thought many times of doing reviews of foods my cats liked, but as they are older and get special food, I didn't know if that would help most people. I can tell you that in general cats need wet food. That is how nature intended for them to get their moisture. Don't complain that the food is mostly water - that is a GOOD thing! Cats are not meant to drink water out of cups. If you've ever seen a cat trying to drink from a water dish, their tongues just aren't made for it. They are meant to get most of their moisture from their food. Also, cats are carnivores and when they hit something hard and crunchy, it's their instinct to shy away from eating that. But many cat owners feed their cats ONLY hard crunchy dry food! That's both non-satisfying for their eating and bad for their tummies, to put dry food into a wet tummy. If anything that dry food now sucks moisture out of the cat in order to be digested!! I highly, highly recommend small nuggety wet food. That is great for a cat to eat, and great for their nutrition.

That all being said, my cats do like the little Fancy Feast tender "dry cat food" as a treat. It says it's dry, but it's not hard-nasty-crunchy dry. It's more like little tender nuggets that have nice flavors.

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