How to Buy, Raise and Train a Cat or Kitten

Our family has owned cats since before I was born. I have owned cats for 34+ years in all stages of development from kitten to old age. There was always at least one cat in the house, and last year we had four that we were caring for. We currently have two cats. Here are photos, information and advice on caring for your own cats.

I do keep this information updated, and we talk quite regularly with our vet who keeps up to date with the latest research on cat care. So you can rest assured that what I have here is both based on years of experience and also backed up by current technology.

Lisa and Bob's Cats



Basic Cat Help and Information
Basic Cat Information
Preserving Cat Memories
Cat Food Reviews
Cat Litter / Odor Problem Reviews
Cat Toy Reviews

Fun Cat Games and Mental / Physical Health
Basics of a Healthy Cat
Cats and Intelligence
Playing with a Cat's Senses
Making Fun Cat Toys
Cats and Fresh Greens

Cat Health Issues
Removing a Tick from a Cat
Cat Hairball Information and Remedies
Cats, Allergies, and Flea Collars
Food that is Poisonous to Cats
Plants that are Poisonous to Cats
Cat Red Skin Bubble

Photo Albums of Cat Images
Hamlet - Black Cat Images
Juliet - Stripey Cat Images
Cat Fort Images

OSCAR - A Memorial

FLUFFY - A New Home


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