Buying a Parakeet

A parakeet is just about the PERFECT pet for a first-time owner. They're very easy to take care of. They're very intelligent and can even learn how to talk. And they're inexpensive, going from between $20 to $50 depending on the type you wish to purchase. Learn about Types of Budgies.

To start with, buy your parakeet from a reputable dealer. You don't want a sick parakeet that will die a week after you bring it home. If you can get a hand-raised parakeet, those are best. They already think of humans as their "flock" and will be the best at sitting on your finger, being friendly, and learning to talk. Those are usually the $50 ones. If you can only afford a $20 from a "bin-o-budgies" at the local store, just know that you'll have a much longer training time and that the bird might never learn to talk or really be cuddly. It'll still be fun, though!

More about Hand Raised Parakeets

When you choose a parakeet, find one that is friendly and alert. Don't go for the sleepy one that sits in the bottom of the cage. Go for the active one that rings the bells in the cage, or looks at you with interest. You also want a VERY young one so that it is still quite impressionable. Look at the area right above the bird's nose. You want LOTS of stripes there. The fewer stripes, the older the bird is.

Look at this picture of Nazo when she was a baby, her entire front of her head is striped:

Now look at this photo of Santo and Pinto when they are much older. See how the front of their heads are just white?

Buying a New Bird FAQs
What Color Keet Should I Get?
Should I Get One Parakeet or Two?
What Sex Keet Should I Get?

Before you bring your budgie home, make sure you have all of the necessary items ready. You don't want your budgie to have to sit in its take-home box for hours and hours while you work on getting the cage and everything else set up. I know you're excited about getting the new bird, but even if it means two trips to the store, it is critical that you prepare before the bird comes home. So before you take the trip to buy the budgie, first make a trip to get the supplies. This involves:

Choosing a Great Budgie Cage
Getting Healthy Parakeet Food

Good luck with your new parakeet!

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