Hand Raised Budgie and Parakeet Breeders

It can literally save you months of training and bonding time if you purchase a hand raised parakeet or budgie. If you buy a "bin of budgies" bird, that bird has learned that birds are its friends and that humans are scary. It will take you weeks if not months of slow, patient effort to teach the bird to think of you as its flockmate. Also, because it was raised with birds, it has learned to talk like a bird and it is difficult for it to "switch gears" and start to try communicating in "human speech" with a human.

If on the other hand you buy a hand raised parakeet, this parakeet was raised by humans, and thinks it IS a human. It is used to humans, to sitting on their fingers, to cuddling with them. Humans are its friends. It is used to human speech, and thinks that human speech is the normal way to communicate, So it is MUCH more likely to begin talking at an early age and to learn a larger vocabulary.

In short, it is MUCH better to buy a hand raised parakeet if you can! Yes, they cost a bit more money. But you're not just paying for "a fancy name". You are paying for hours and hours of time and energy that the breeder put into feeding, interacting with and taking care of this bird. In return, you get a pet who is instantly cuddly and snuggly!

Here is a list of hand raised budgie breeders that I have found. Please contact me if you want to be added to this list, or if you have feedback on a name mentioned here.

Northeast US
Debbie - NY

Mid / Southeast US
Chesapeake Exotics - MD
Aurora Parakeets - VA/NC
Willow Springs - GA
Adele's - FL
Fancy Birds - FL

Western US
Wattam's Birdhouse - MT
Shamans Circle - CO
Angel Wings Aviaries - WA
Mr. B's Birds - CA
Four Seasons Exotics - CA

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