What To Wear to Swordfighting Practice

I can only give first hand knowledge from the Academy of Knightly Arts - Live Sword Training School in New England. However, I am sure that most sword schools must work in a relatively similar manner.

You start with basic training, which does NOT involve armor. You do need a wooden sword - which will often be provided for you. We practice on mats so some students go barefoot, while most of us wear socks. We wear long black sweatpants. Women wear sports bras since there is a fair amount of motion involved. Some of us wear long sleeved undershirts for additional warmth, with white t-shirts over them, while others just wear the tshirts without a long sleeved undershirt.

It is good to wear layers so that if you get warm as you go you can shed a layer. The Academy of Knightly Arts has logoed white tshirts available on CafePress.

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