Swordfighting Stance - Tail Guard

For tail guard, you start in a right stance.

Swordfighting right stance

You have the sword hilt at your hip, with the sword itself pointing back and down as if it were your tail. The back of your right hand is against your hip. The aim here is going to be to whip the sword around edge-first to slice at your enemy with the element of surprise. You want the sword BEHIND you so that he cannot get a sense of its length or angle. That way it makes it harder for your enemy to judge what to do.

I do not have a photo of this pose yet.

Sixty percent of the weight is on the BACK foot in this pose, so help coil the power for the swing. Also, make sure the hand is "securely wrapped" on the sword in the sense that fingers are not out and flayed. If you have any pre-move motion, it becomes a tell that opponents will watch for to know you are about to attack. You want to move smoothly from this guard into the attack without any initial adjusting of fingers or elbows.

For Audio WAV files to help with guard training, visit my Guards Audio WAV Files page.

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