Swordfighting Stance - Long Point

Long point is not exactly a guard but more the center of an attack. You normally are in long point in a left stance.

Swordfighting left stance

Every time you move from one guard to another, and have an attack as the aim of the movement, you are in essence going "through" long point. Long point is when your sword is at ALMOST full extension straight out from your body. You never want to lock your arms in full extension for control reasons. You always want a slight flex in their elbows.

I do not yet have a photo of long point.

To hold long point in a posta drill, usually after a two horn guard, the back of the hand is pointing up at the ceiling and the arms are at nearly full extension, pointing straight out towards your opponent. The sword is in a straight line parallel to the ground with the cross guard also parallel to the ground.

There is also a left long point which is the exact same position, just with the feet reversed.

For Audio WAV files to help with guard training, visit my Guards Audio WAV Files page.

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