Posta drill - Full

Learning guards - or posta in Italian - is a key part of learning to swordfight. This drill is a short sequence of moving from guard to guard in sequence, taking a pass forward step in between each one.

Just as with the short drill, I set the motions of this to the Ode to Joy in my brain.

Ode to Joy - Opera Babes

I trimmed the above sound clip to just have the length you need for the full drill. So the idea is that you sing along the poses to the beats.

Guard of the Woman
Boar's Tooth
Window Guard
Half Iron Gate
Front Guard
Left Short Guard
Tail Guard
Left Guard of the Woman
Full Iron Gate
Left Two Horn
Long Point
Left Window

Short Guard
Left Front Guard
Two Horn Guard
Left Long Guard

For each movement you want the sword slice to move as your foot is landing for maximum power. You don't want to step and THEN swing.

I am really not a good singer. I am going to try to track someone down to sing this for me so I can actually play it in the background while I do things which will then stick the lyrics in my head :) If anyone wants to volunteer I'm happy to post the results!

In the meantime, here is a faster, MALE voice singing the song:

Ode to Joy - Male (Westminster)

and a medium-speed FULL CHORUS voice singing the song:

Ode to Joy - Chorus (Westminster)

and yes, ME singing the words in time, I apologize I am not a great singer but this is to give you a sense of what I am after.

Ode to Joy - Chorus (Westminster)

For Audio WAV files to help with guard training, visit my Guards Audio WAV Files page.

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