Handling Writer's Block

In sports and artistry, it's called "being in the zone." It's when you feel just right about what you are doing, when things flow easily, and when you feel one with your current task. Most of us have felt this feeling every once in a while and understand what it's about. That's why it can be so frustrating when you hit the opposite end of the spectrum - hitting a Writer's Block.

One key with getting into the zone is that your body and brain are reacting to a well-known environment. A zone experience isn't when a first-time tennis player steps on the court. It's when an experienced tennis player, who has played for years, connects innately with all of that experience and knowledge. The same is true for writing. You need to practice. You need to build a routine. The more you practice at writing, the easier it will get, and the more that words will flow from your fingers in a true, joyful fun rush.

It can be the perfect nook in your house. It can be a lucky pen. It could be certain music you put on. Build a routine that your mind associates with writing. When that combination occurs, your mind will be trained to settle into writing mode and to focus on the task at hand.

But how do you write when you feel stuck? One key is to just write anything. Write a diary entry for the day. Write your list of dreams. Write about your ideal vacation. Write about your favorite pet. Write what you'd like to be doing in twenty years. Write, write, write. It may not be on topic at all for what your current goal is. But you're "oiling" your brain - getting the little gears in there to run. You're stringing together words, sentences, and ideas. If you make time each day to write, it will get easier each day. You'll reuse old thoughts in a new fashion. Sometimes a series of unrelated ideas will suddenly spring together and become a new, fantastic idea.

Above all, release all feelings of “being stuck.” You’re not stuck – you’re being challenged to try something new. It’s time to think outside the box. Write in a new direction. You'll find that the gears will unstick and that you'll start moving forward again. Who knows, you might find an entirely new direction which becomes incredibly successful for you!

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