Social Networking and Book Publicity

I can't say this strongly enough. If you are releasing a book, it is absolutely critical that you make an effort in Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ to build up a fan base for your efforts. You don't have to love these systems. They are tools. You have to learn how to use those tools in order to survive.

You need a Facebook fan page. It's free and easy to set up. This allows people to connect with you "safely" without revealing their private information to you. Your fans don't necessarily want you to see their photos or to read their personal posts, which would happen if you "friended" them. Rather, they want to stay up to date with how your book project is rolling out.

It's critical that you start these feeds up BEFORE you publish that book. You need to build the swell of support so that it's there, ready, when you do your book launch. So give them exciting news about your progress. Share news and information related to your topic area. Keep them interested so that when you launch your book they're there to help you out.

What About Non-Fiction, or First Time Books?
I absolutely wholeheartedly disagree with every ounce of my being that fan pages are only for established authors of fiction novels. It is critical, in my mind, for every author to build up that fan base BEFORE they publish their first book. This is what I teach all my editors, and they have thrived with this technique. Waiting to start marketing until after the book is published is losing out on the enormous momentum and excitement of that release. You donít want to start building up interest months AFTER the book is out!!

Itís like a movie. Movies donít start building the excitement after the movie releases. They build up the excitement BEFORE the movie releases so thereís a huge burst of excitement when the movie comes out. That big burst then raises the movie in the sales charts, which lures in others, and the snowball happens.

Absolutely non-fiction authors can build huge followings. I can name many non-fiction authors who have massive followings.

So, whatever you're writing, itís critical and necessary for you to build up your following now. Thatís what the daily Twitter posts and Facebook posts and Google+ posts are all about. Thatís what all of the community building is all about. Ensuring that fan base is avidly there and waiting for your book, and getting your book to the top of the search results. Which then lures in more readers, and so on.

I have a wealth of tips on social networking techniques here -

Social Networking Tips

Again it's fine if you don't adore Twitter. It's fine if you don't really use Google+ for anything else. The aim is to see how these systems are tools, and to use them efficiently to build up your fan base. That then rewards you with sales when you do your launch.

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