Why Start with the Paperback?

When you are self publishing there are typically two results you want to create - a paperback book and an ebook. I highly recommend you do both and that you start with the paperback version.

Why is that?

The reason is that the paperback is the simpler of the two. Whatever you put into your Word document, that is what will print. You don't have to think about different shapes and sizes of tablets or e-readers. You don't have to worry about how graphics are or are not handled by a given e-reader. It's very straightforward. Whatever your PDF looks like, that is what your book pages are going to look like. Period, the end.

There will then be changes you have to make to the ebook version to make it work properly. But by starting with the paperback version, you have that foundation.

Even if you don't think many people will buy the paperback version, always have a paperback version available. It gives the book a greater impression of legitimacy. It also makes the ebook look cheap in comparison. If the paperback version is $9.99 and the ebook is $2.99, people will jump at that ebook as the bargain price. This is a well known sales technique that you can see in operation in pretty much every area of marketing.

The one and only time you should skip the paperback version is if your book is simply too thin to be able to bind. Most companies require about 40 or so pages before it's possible to bind the pages into a book. If you are writing short stories, you might need to wait until you have a few of them done before you can compile them together into a book version.

It should always be free to self publish your paperback book. Cost shouldn't be an issue to worry about.

So let's take a look at our options for self publishing a paperback book!

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