Self Publishing

The Basics

Getting your Book Published Welcome to the wonderful world of Self Publishing! Self publishing might seem like a modern innovation, but it's been around for hundreds of years. Many famous authors chose to self publish their books for a variety of reasons. The Bridges of Madison County was first self published, as was Ulysses by James Joyce. The Joy of Cooking. Robert's Rules of Order.

When you self publish, you guarantee that the book you present to your fans is done the way YOU want it to be done. The cover is one you adore. The content isn't mangled beyond all recognition. When you talk with traditionally published authors you often hear nightmare story after nightmare story of the publishing house forcing them to completely rewrite the book in order to be "marketable" - destroying the author's vision for the story. You hear about completely inappropriate covers being chosen. And of course you hear about the publishing house taking 99% of the profits (or so it often seems) leaving the author with very little.

Self publishing is an author's way of maintaining control.

This isn't to say that you have to go it alone! Authors have a wealth of options for getting assistance. They can work with a cover designer to create the exact cover THEY want to use. They can work with editors to ensure the content is typo-free. All of that assistance exists. The difference with self publishing is that the author retains control of how that is all done.

Let's get started with our wonderful journey into the world of self publishing!

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