Preparing Yourself for Writing

Setting the Stage

Preparing Yourself for Writing It can be hard to write if you are surrounded by distractions. Here are suggestions on setting up the perfect writing environments!

It's usually important to have focus when you are writing - to not be distracted by other tasks. It's worth it to clean off your desk area. Have the area well lit, but avoid glare on your monitor.

If there are distracting noises around you, try putting on soft music or a random-noise generator (ocean waves, rainstorm, etc) to minimize the effect. It's usually best to have music without words, as that type of music is the least distracting, but you know your own study habits best.

Many studies have proven the links between aroma and emotion. If you are feeling stressed out or anxious, try a lavender or vanilla candle. If you're feeling sluggish or unenergetic, go for a citrus / orange scent. Every little extra boost can help!

It's hard to focus on anything when you are starving to death. It's also hard to get going on a project when you are stuffed and sleepy. Keep a glass of water at hand, and a healthy snack. That way you have the energy to focus on the task without putting yourself to sleep.

Ergonomics - or setting up your workstation area properly - can literally spell the difference between an easy experience and carpal tunnel syndrome. Be sure to set up your screen, keyboard, mouse, chair and desk in an ergonomically sound fashion. If your body aches after 10 minutes of using the computer, it's going to be hard to do anything there. You want this work to be as healthy as possible for you!

If you haven't done focus-intensive activities before then you might find just the act of sitting down and focusing on a task to be challenging. If that's the case, I highly recommend meditating. Even five minutes a day can help train your brain to maintain that focus. You'd be surprised at how many areas of life meditation can lend a hand with.

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