Title Page Layout

The title page should be the very first page in your book, on the right hand side. Every book should have a title page.

A title page does not get numbered. The content on it should include the main title of the book, any subtitle, and the author name.

So for my book "Looking Back" the title page has:

Looking Back (title)

A Medieval Romance (subtitle)

Lisa Shea (author)

It looks like this in print:

Title Page Layout

You normally want the font of your title page to be larger than your normal body text. So if your body text is going to be Times Roman 12 point, you would want your Title Page text to be in Times Roman 30 point.

A key function of a title page is to ensure that the reader actually gets the book they wanted. Authors have definitely mistakenly loaded the wrong "insides" to go with a book. It only takes one mis-click of a mouse button. The title page reinforces to the reader that what they are about to read is what they think they are going to read.

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