Other Books by the Author Page Layout

The moment you have more than one book in your published library, it's important that you cross-promote each of your books in your other books. That way you can encourage readers of one book to then read the others.

Other Books by the Author Layout The example page is from my medieval novels. All of my medieval novels share the full list of titles of all the medieval novels I've written.

There are two aspects to this.

For a print book, you want the reader to know what other books you have written so they can manually go out and find them. So on that page you want both the full title of the book and your author name. Don't make them have to hunt for either. Put both right there so they get the spelling right and can type the information into a browser without hassle.

For the PDF, ebook, MOBI, and other formats, make those link clickable. Have them link to your website, Facebook page, Amazon page, or whatever else is appropriate. That way the user doesn't have to type at all. They can just click to learn more.

If you have a related book, I highly recommend providing a sample chapter in this book, at the very end. That way the reader finishes this one book and instantly goes into reading the next book. Hopefully they will be hooked by the material and decide to buy the next book.

In any case, you should be sure to use every book you put out to cross-promote the other books you've put out.

In terms of page numbering, it is fine to either continue the page numbering from the main section or to leave this area unnumbered.

In terms of sections, I put the "other books" area in with my About the Author area. It is in essence page 2 of my About the Author content. When I then go into the sample chapter, I let that have a heading of its own. Usually it reads something like

Looking Back - Chapter 1

so it's clear in the table of contents and other areas that it's a new chapter for another book.

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